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Oct 8, 2012 5:00pm EDT
. that is not what happened here. i think there will be changed at the government level. >> as a reminder, the only people who should be worried here are people who had steroid injections for back pain within the last six months. symptoms of meningitis include headache fever, and slurred speech. >> of manassas woman accused of running an unlicensed day care now faces of the action charges. she was arrested last week after police found six children younger than two inside her home. three of them were unsupervised. new charges came after the police learned she had her 16- year-old daughter hide three other children in a neighbor's home during the investigation. >> a body was found in a wooded area where missing teenager bryan glenn's car was found last week. they are saying it is too early to determine the cause of death. he disappeared a week ago tonight. >> police are looking for the owner of two vicious pit bulls. they attacked a boy and his puppy this weekend. the mother of the boy wants the owner found. >> and the nationals are trying to keep it moving against the cardinals. kaine two is underwa
Oct 11, 2012 5:00pm EDT
. her husband is outraged at the lack of government oversight. >> the non contagious form of meningitis has already killed more than a dozen people, including one in maryland. the drug was made by a compound in pharmacy in massachusetts. those facilities are regulated at the state, and not the federal level. >> there is not as much rigor in controlling quality. >> 200 people were notified that they may have received tainted shots, including his wife. >> they have to be more careful. >> more than 50 weills of the steroids have been found to be contaminated with some sort of fun desperate an investigation is under way as to how that contamination could have occurred. >> thank you. d.c. police have identified the victim of yesterday's shooting at gallaudet university. the 21-year-old was shot to death before 4:00 on eighth street. police said not released a motive or description of the suspect. >> time now for a look at today's other top stories. an overnight house fire in baltimore kilduff grandmother and her four grandchildren. -- killed a grandmother and her four grandchildren. the caus
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2